Our Philosophy

Authentic Food Served with Passion  

Authentic Food Served with Passion


We aim to deliver the best catering options and solutions for any occasion. We strive to provide our customers with a bespoke and memorable service that will exceed their expectations and delight their taste buds.


In order to continue achieving sustainable growth and development, our vision serves as a framework for every aspect of our business:

  • Product: To use only the finest quality ingredients in all of our dishes.
  • Portfolio: To extend our brands and offering beyond the anticipation and satisfaction of people’s needs and desires.
  • Partners: To nurture a successful network of suppliers and customers. Stronger together, we create mutual value.
  • People: To be an inspirational place for learning and personal development.
  • Planet: To be community-minded, resourceful and environmentally responsible towards our planet.
  • Profit: To remain mindful of our responsibilities while maximizing long-term return to shareowners.
  • Productivity: To be efficient and highly effective while recognizing the need for continual innovation.




  • Integrity & honesty: Be moral, ethical and God fearing in everything we do.
  • Leadership: Be responsible in shaping a better future for ourselves and our children.
  • Accountability: It is up to us to act and do.
  • Authenticity & Transparency: Be genuine, share thoughts, share dreams, share knowledge.
  • Passion: Committed to our mission in heart and mind.
  • Diversity: To provoke thought and stimulate creativity.
  • Creativity & Curiosity: Enter the world with open eyes and an eager mind.
  • Quality: Offer excellence and superiority.


Why Choose Us?

We have gained and maintained an excellent reputation by providing:

1. Bespoke Products

Our products are made specially to order based on your request. During processing and manufacture, we follow the strictest guidelines (HACCP hygiene) and we use only the most suitable ingredients available.

To ensure our products are made to your liking, we spend quality time with you to agree on your chosen menu items and to take note of any dietary requirements. To ensure our products remain of a suitable standard, we retain samples for benchmarking and future comparison and in order to ensure product consistency throughout our ranges. Also, we continuously investment in Quality Assurance / Tech departments to ensure consistency and quality are maintained.


2. Being innovation leaders

We invest heavily in New Product Development. With the support of our Marketing and Sales departments, our chefs are able to produce exceptional new creations that can be offered to all our customers. This support also ensures we remain up to date with the latest food trends and pave the way of modern eating in the 21st Century.

One of our new products is our innovative vacuum sealed product range. We are the first company in the province of Makkah to offer hot, cold or dry vacuum packed meal solutions to their customers.


3. Having over 60 years of experience

When it comes to serving the guests of Allah, we have over 60 years of experience. We know the ins and outs of Hajj catering and can deliver delicious meals to thousands of people in different locations as well as the remote areas of Mina and Arafaa.

Can you imagine serving over 500,000 meals in a few days? We can! During Hajj 1436H, we served a total of 534,341 meals at numerous locations around Makkah, Mina and Arafaa – both buffet style meals and individually packed meals.


4. Offering unparalleled Service and Value

To create true value for our customers, we believe in providing an unparalleled service and experience at prices that do not break the bank. We do this by:

– Maintaining a working-together approach whereby we deliver products that are best suited for your needs and requirements and ensuring an excellent response time to any of your queries.
– Having a capacity of 120,000 per meal (the equivalent of 360,000 meals per day). So you can be sure we are able to satisfy your demand.
– Having an established logistical network – we can serve you wherever you may be.