Alhussam Catering

AL HUSSAM is a Saudi based company predominantly operating in Hospitality management, originally known as “Aziz Khogeer Hotels” 40 years of experience in rendering Hajj / Umrah and hotel services. Its expanding and constantly improving network of hotels in Mecca, Medina and Jeddah together with the excellent services and competitive prices, places “AL HUSSAM” miles ahead of all competitors. Serving thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year, Al Hussam Catering division was created to give high standard of catering services to guests from all over the world with variety of food and beverage products. Al Hussam now is run by four of AbdulazizKhogeer’s sons as the board members. Headed by Mazen Khogeer as chairman& CEO and its other three members are Nabeel, Khalid, and Mohammad Khogeer.
  • Mission


  • Our catering's mission is to provide our customers with the best catering options and solutions.  We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.  Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Vision


  • Great food, Great ideas
    • To be one of the leading companies to supply innovative dishes ready to eat.
    • To produce a range of high quality ready meals, pastries and pates recognised for their superior quality, taste and homemade appearance.
    • Through rigorous ingredient selection all of our ranges will be made using the finest and very best ingredients.
    • Due to changes in the market and evolving trends, we are dedicated to market research. We recognise the need to keep innovating as leaders in both product development and marketing.
    • To create a quality conscious working environment where our production process, continues to maintain the highest of standards.
    • To generate positive energy and respect with our great staff.
    • To maintain a fundamentally sound business dedicated to growth and financial stability.
    • To increase our efforts to be community-minded and environmentally aware.
  • Values


  • Great food, Great ideas

    • • Our customers come first, we aim at satisfying our clients’ needs and requirements.
    • • Close attention to quality.
    • • We are seriously committed to conducting our business with honesty, integrity, and courtesy

What are we known for?

1. Quality Products
2. Award Winning Innovation
3. Service and Value

We have maintained this reputation by providing:

Quality Products The strictest guidelines for manufacture and process are followed and only the best ingredients used. By using ‘small batch cooking’ methods we retain the taste and quality only found in home cooking. Benchmarking and retaining samples for future comparison ensures product consistency throughout the ranges and our continuous investment in QA / Tech departments ensures that consistency and quality are maintained. Award Winning Innovation We invest heavily in our New Product Development Department and our chefs are supported by the Marketing and Sales Departments. This support ensures that all the products they create are offered to the customer allowing for the latest in food trends and shifts in eating habits whilst also paving the way for the future of eating in the 21st Century Superior Service and Value We believe in providing you with unparalleled service and unbeatable prices for true value whilst maintaining a working-together approach with you and thereby ensuring an excellent response time to any of your queries.

Our Team

Al Hussam Catering division is headed by Director of Food & Beverage who has more than 25 years of experience in leading 5 star international chains. 120 dedicated staffs will be working around the clock to meet the requirements of the hotels, hajj days and for wedding and events. Al-Hussam is also aware about the importance of personal development and is having dedicated training courses with expertise to keep all employees up to standards.
  • Awards

    We have been awarded with the Hajj excellence award by the WHUC for our commitment and outstanding services throughout the Hajj season in 2013.

  • Accreditations

    The company is accredited with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) at Higher Level to ensure it reaches a global standard for health, hygiene and quality at our kitchen site.


Our Product Champions work throughout the company training staff for techniques required on specific dishes. Some of our people develop a greater interest in the process and hidden talents are sometimes discovered. To develop those individuals further, and increase their job opportunities, we have a programme of training, which is carried out in both the Innovation Centre and various production environments in the factory. We put great emphasis on staff loyalty and the nurturing of homegrown talent. Of course we also look outside for new talent and again have a recruitment programme through which we seek out the best – individuals who we feel will share our passion for creativity and enthusiasm for growing the company.


Investment in people

It will be obvious to those who have closely followed the rise of Al Hussam Catering that our level of growth would not have been possible without investment in people. A responsible, inspired and involved team has contributed enormously to our goal. We fully intend to continue with the nurturing of this company culture and training and recruitment are central to it.

Investment in our business

People are important of course but also vision, profits and funding are equal parts of the business puzzle. It is the full utilisation of each part that has brought about the rapid growth of Al Hussam Catering in the past 5 years. It is an exciting process creating a major food manufacturing business to service Hajj and Umrah and we want to share our investment with you. Our newly completed extension makes us three times larger than before, allowing us to increase production capacity to meet your demands. Not only do we provide tangible investment but also inspirational investment. The constant passion for innovation and perfection runs through the company from top to bottom! We have a lot more plans for the future and we’ll keep you posted. Our sales team and this web site will keep you up to date.


At Al Hussam Catering we constantly invest in the best machinery. Subsequently we are able to produce quality home cooked meals and dishes on a larger scale.  Naturally our highly skilled and dedicated staff works to ensure that all products meet stringent quality guidelines. The manufacturing process starts with the New Product Development Team. They create the dishes with the aid of market research to determine current trends. Our Product Champions then work in a hands-on role throughout the factory training teams in new product preparation and make-up to ensure that our dishes not only taste good but also look authentic to their country of origin.

Product Research and Development

Our fabulous brand new Central Kitchen is home to our highly skilled and qualified New Product Development Team. It’s an exciting environment to work in equipped with the best possible range of equipment. Chefs are creative people and need the space to be adventurous. At the same time by working closely with you, and your specific brief, the team is able to create dishes to suit your exact requirements. Naturally market trends are closely monitored to ensure that all our product development is in line with current shifts of eating and flavour profiles. You are welcome to visit our new innovation centre to see how the bestselling dishes of tomorrow are being designed today.