Investment in people:

It will be obvious to those who have closely followed the rise of Al Hussam Catering that our level of growth would not have been possible without investment in people. A responsible, inspired and involved team has contributed enormously to our goal.

We fully intend to continue with the nurturing of this company culture and training and recruitment are central to it.

Investment in our business:

People are important of course but also vision, profits and funding are equal parts of the business puzzle. It is the full utilisation of each part that has brought about the rapid growth of Al Hussam Catering in the past 5 years. It is an exciting process creating a major food manufacturing business to service Hajj and Umrah and we want to share our investment with you.

Our newly completed extension makes us three times larger than before, allowing us to increase production capacity to meet your demands.

Not only do we provide tangible investment but also inspirational investment. The constant passion for innovation and perfection runs through the company from top to bottom!

We have a lot more plans for the future and we’ll keep you posted. Our sales team and this web site will keep you up to date.