Our Team

AlHussam Catering is headed by the Director of Food & Beverage; a highly capable individual who has more than 25 years of experience in leading 5 star international chains.

Our team also consists of 120 dedicated staffs who work around the clock to meet the requirements of our diverse consumer base which includes hotels, pilgrims during Hajj as well as corporate and personal functions and events.

AlHussam Catering also pays special attention to the importance of personal development and has numerous dedicated training courses with experts in the field to keep all employees engaged.



We have been awarded with the Hajj Excellence Award by the WHUC for our commitment and outstanding services throughout the Hajj season of 2013.




We at AlHussam Catering have been accredited with ISO22000 – a standard that has been developed by the International Organization for Standardization dealing with food safety. Additionally, we have been accredited with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) at Higher Level. The HACCP system allows us to continually monitor the safety of our food and identify and manage any hazards throughout our supply chain during production. By attaining this accreditation we demonstrate our commitment to food safety and reassure you that our kitchen has reached a global standard for health, hygiene and quality.




We nurture the talents of our company by offering them numerous training courses, most of which are carried out in both the Innovation Centre and various production environments in the factory.
Our Product Champions work throughout the factory training staff for techniques required on specific dishes. Some of our staff develop a greater interest in the process and hidden talents are sometimes discovered.
By cultivating homegrown talent, we improve their job opportunities and increase their probability of getting promoted. Thus, we put great emphasis on staff loyalty and the personal development of our workforce.
Furthermore, to support our recruitment program which seeks out the best suited individuals whom we feel will share our passion for creativity and enthusiasm for growing the company, we offer orientation and training courses to ensure we continue to offer the best quality and variety of products that meet our stringent standards




The rapid growth of Alhussam Catering in the past 5 years was a direct result of its investment in business. In addition to investing in people, Alhussam Catering invested in every part of its business in order to develop itself as a major food manufacturer, serving the guests of Allah during Hajj and Umrah. And we want to share our investment with you!
Not only do we provide tangible investment but also inspirational investment. The constant passion for innovation and perfection runs throughout the company at every level
We have a lot more plans for the future and we shall keep you posted. Surely, our sales team and this website will keep you up to date.


Investment in people

The rise and growth of Alhussam Catering would not have been possible without investment in people. For our responsible, inspired, dedicated and highly involved team has contributed enormously to our goals.

We fully intend to continue nurturing the talents of this company through investment in training courses and recruitment programs that are central to achieving our vision.


Investment in facilities and equipment

Our newly completed extension makes us eight times larger than before, allowing us to increase production capacity to meet your demands.
Furthermore, we continuously invest in our equipment in order to improve our efficiency and quality of production. We are the first company to invest in a high production vacuum/heat seal packing machine, and provide a wide variety of packed meal options.