We create an authentic catering experience that involves all the senses.

Who do we cater for?

If you are a business owner and you are looking to feed your employees, customers, or even looking to run a function or event, then we cater for you.
Additionally, if you are a food business owner looking for time-saving solutions, or looking to stock your shop, restaurant or café, then we cater for you.

If you are an individual looking to celebrate a special event, or host a large gathering then we cater for you.

We are experienced in catering for the following sectors:

a) Hajj and Umrah Catering

During the Hajj season, we at Alhussam Catering offer a multitude of services to many Hajj campaigns. We offer different types of cuisines that cater for various nationalities and their diverse needs.

In this type of catering we offer three daily meals at the different Holy sites for each pilgrim signed up for the Hajj campaign, as well as around the clock refreshments throughout the Hajj season.


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b) Public and Private Sectors

At Alhussam Catering we offer long and short term contracts to our clients who require constant catering services to meet their specific needs.
Through our Public and Private Sector contracts we cater to each client’s requirements to ensure they receive the best in catering services for their business. This includes catering to: Hotels, Large Corporations, Government bodies as well as Non-Profits and NGOs.

c) Outside Catering

At Alhussam catering we offer outside catering for both corporate and private events. Whatever your event needs may be, we can provide you with a suitable, professional, efficient and impressive solution.

From private parties and weddings, to corporate meetings, functions and conferences, we are highly experienced in catering for all functions and events. We can supply you with an extensive and stunning collection of services, check out ‘Our services’ for more information.