Packed Meals

Meals on the go are an essential part of our catering service, not all business or occasions can serve buffet style catering to their guests, for these cases, the packed meals services is a great fit.

Hajj and Umrah Companies, Schools, Trip Organizers and Sports Events require this unique type of catering to suit their on-the-go nature.

This service is offered in two forms:

Hot Meals

High quality ingredients are the most important factor that makes all the meals premium. This comes as a convenient solution to having a hot meal on-the-go. Each meal pack contains a full course that is precooked and simply requires heating before being served.




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Cold Meals

This option serves as the most suitable solution to enjoy a nutritious meal while engaged in other activities, and the option for a warm meal is not available.

Al Hussam Catering proudly present a wide range of healthy balanced Cold Meals to suit the dietary requirements of our guests.